Perfect Heat(TM), Perfect Humidity(TM) line of furnaces and heat pump systems provide quieter operation, improved efficiency and more consistent temperatures from floor-to-ceiling and room-to-room throughout the home.

The furnaces and heat pumps pair variable-speed heating with the automatic temperature and humidity controls in the Bryant Thermidistat(TM) for increased comfort and proven reliability. A Thermidistat takes the place of a conventional thermostat, automatically controlling both temperature and humidity from a single panel. It adjusts the relative humidity setpoint based on the outdoor temperature. Ideal humidity levels provide increased comfort year-round.

Perfect Heat Furnaces
The Bryant furnaces with Perfect Heat and Perfect Humidity are designed for quiet, two-stage heating. Exclusive two-stage controls closely match the capacity of the furnace to the needs of the home. The two-stage furnace operates on low-stage heating 90 percent of the time and adds high-stage heating time only when outdoor temperatures fall.

Two-stage units run more slowly and 40 percent longer than conventional furnaces, so the air is cleaned longer through the filter. With sealed combustion in the 90 plus percent efficient furnaces, the system brings in fresh outside air and reduces drafts.

The Perfect Heat gas furnace systems are available in Bryant models Plus 80t, Plus 80v, Plus 90i and Plus 90t.

Heat Pumps with Perfect Heat
Some heat pump users feel that heat pumps don't provide consistently warm enough air temperatures. "Bryant heat pumps with Perfect Heat are a breakthrough in heating comfort as a result of lower airflow," said Nathan Wright, marketing manager, heat pump systems, Bryant. "Perfect Heat increases the temperature rise across the indoor coil by 81 percent, which will help homeowners feel more comfortable. Temperature rise is the temperature difference before and after the air flows through the coil. The lower airflow also eliminates the drafty feeling that some people associate with heat pumps."

During extensive field trials, Bryant Perfect Heat heat pump systems delivered comfortable air temperatures regardless of the outdoor conditions. In fact, the leaving-air temperatures ranged from 100 to 123 degrees in regular heat pump mode. The system's unique design, which includes an on-delay with a slow ramp up and staged auxiliary heaters, eliminates the cool draft that is common at the beginning of a heating cycle and the wide temperature swings that occur as the auxiliary heaters stage on and off. Test sites reported heating air temperatures that averaged 15 degrees warmer than a typical heat pump system.

Perfect Humidity
When one of Bryant's variable speed furnaces (Plus 80v or Plus 90i) or variable speed fan coils (FK4 or FV4) is matched with a Bryant Thermidistat, Perfect Humidity is the result. "With the ability to control humidity, homeowners are much more comfortable, plus they can combat the growth of mold, mildew and unpleasant odors within their homes," Wright said.

The Thermidistat monitors the temperature and humidity levels inside of the home and can adjust the operation of the system if either deviates from the desired levels. To remove excess humidity during the cooling season, the Thermidistat can adjust the indoor fan and increase the moisture-removing (latent) capacity of the system.

"Perfect Humidity also has a 'cool to dehumidify' mode that will operate the system to dehumidify the home -- even if temperature is at or below the desired temperature setting. During this mode, the latent capacity of the system is increased, which allows it to really wring the moisture out of the air," Wright added. Not only does the Perfect Humidity system keep homeowners more comfortable and prevent the growth of unwanted organisms, but it also helps protect wood furniture, hardwood floors and other household furnishings prone to damage by exposure to high humidity.